Kentucky Lake Moving and Storage
Kentucky Lake Moving and Storage

Local Moving

Kentucky Lake Moving and Storage, LLC has been serving the residents of Kentucky for over 5 years. Thousands of Kentuckians have experienced our great service and reliability. Whether you need a few things moved around your house, across town or to the other side of the state, we are the movers. Our credo is “Work hard, be responsible, and have fun!” This is why Kentuckians chose to move with us.

Residential moves can be done locally as well as long distance, and are distinguished by the consumer moving a home, apartment or town house as opposed to an office or business.

A local move is a move done from city to city, town to town within a state or within a 35-mile radius. The Kentucky Department of Transportation (DOT) regulates all local moves--thus a DOT number is required for all licensed movers.

Kentucky Lake Moving & Storage, LLC

• KY DVR #3289
• US DOT # 1301101
• MC # 536477

In Paducah, KY for example, the industry standard is to charge by the hour for local moving. Our professional sales staff understand honesty when giving an estimate, our experienced movers understand service, and our customer service department understand accountability. When you choose KLMS as your moving company, you're choosing a company with integrity and dedication to service.

Residential Long Distance Moving

Kentucky Lake Moving and Storage, LLC has proved to the consumers of Kentucky and across America that we are the trusted professionals for long hauls. If you are leaving the great state of Kentucky or coming here to embrace a new beginning we are the pros you want to call.

Long distance moves require special care, effort and capability. Selecting a qualified long distance mover is perhaps nowhere more important than when choosing a company to move your household over a large distance. Assuring that your belongings will be transported with care and in a timely manner is a task that should never be left to amateurs.

When you hire KLMS to move you that who you get. We do not hire out any of our moving services to other companies. If you are moving from Kentucky to California only the employees from Kentucky will be moving you! That is our dedication.

Kentucky Lake Moving and Storage
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